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We only have three episodes of the animated series left star wars. The final adventures of the beloved star wars animated series. The clone wars was produced as an anthology show until lucas decided to combine several episodes from an arc in season 1 into a feature film in august of 2008, before any other episodes from the show released. After capturing maul on mandalore, ahsokas journey to. The siege of mandalore is one of the final battles of the clone wars, and its one of the last things to happen before palpatine gives the execute order 66 command. Here are the 35 most important episodes to watch before february 21. Old friends not forgotten, the seasons ninth episode, hit disney plus on friday, kicking off the long.

The clone wars than with the latest liveaction trilogy. Were in the endgame now, with the final arc of the last season of star wars. The clone wars final episode, victory and death, packs a punch. Why last nights episode of the clone wars removed a joke. The clone wars they are each launched today april 24, may 1 and may 4 this is out of the norm on fridays but takes advantage of the star wars day. With both being fielded in enormous numbers by each respective. But a haunting truth awaits current episode aired 17 apr. The clone wars teases the siege of mandalore in final episodes. Jan 23, 2020 episode iii showed us how the end of the clone wars affected anakin, yoda, and obiwan, but this series has an opportunity to chronicle the human toll of the war and showcase clone troopers torn.

With the release of the final episode of star wars. Its an emotional end to a series thats been a major part of the saga for the. Heres my theory on ahsoka meeting the mandalorian in the last episode or so of the clone wars season 7. The clone wars season 7 episode 12 victory and defeat series finale. We have wrapped production on all of the remaining star wars. The clone wars penultimate episode unleashes a new.

The clone wars doesnt kill off the entire cast in the final episode, but it sure feels like it. With tom kane, dee bradley baker, matt lanter, james arnold taylor. The clone wars is a star wars video game developed by travellers tales and published by lucasarts. How does the clone wars season 7 episode 12 pay tribute to a. The clone wars sort of brings the team back together for its final arc. A long time ago in a galaxy where disney didnt have its own streaming service, the future of star wars. Star wars the clone wars final episode darth vader scene. Episode descriptions for final 2 episodes of star wars. Although i contend the last episode may have better explored these dilemmas, the mounting human costs are piling on front and center. Sep 17, 2017 part three of the clone wars canon edit places us in a peculiar setting in the star wars galaxy. The clone wars has returned from one of cartoon historys strangest hiatuses to finish out the story that dave filoni and lucasfilm started back in 2008. Mar 10, 2020 for the last few weeks, the final season of star wars.

Below is the official chronological order of all 121 episodes of star wars. With episode 10, the phantom apprentice, clone wars season 7 is. Clone wars final episodes some of the best star wars ever. Star wars the clone wars season 7 disney plus release. The clone wars stars matt lanter as anakin skywalker, ashley eckstein as ahsoka tano, dee bradley baker as captain rex and the clone troopers, james arnold taylor as obiwan kenobi, katee sackhoff as bokatan and sam witwer as maul. The star wars legacy of franchise creator george lucas arguably rests more with star wars. Mar 20, 2020 spoilers ahead for the latest episode of star wars. Clone wars finale is fast approaching and darth mauls voice actor has teased some of what to expect, saying the ending will change the way we think about certain things in star. The clone wars added new elements to the star wars galaxy like nothing else that had come before it. So while anakin skywalker, obiwan kenobi, and asohka tano spend their time traveling the galaxy, fighting against the separatists and their droid army, quite a few arcs have been dedicated to expanding the mandalorian culture in canon. In a video put out by star wars s youtube channel, filoni, ashley eckstein ahsoka tano, and more talk about the stakes of that last episode and what it feels like to say goodbye to the world. The clone wars was canceled, the animated series was revived for a.

What does the clone wars final scene mean for the future of the star wars. Filoni has gone on to bring that sweet liveaction star wars content to the world of streaming with the mandalorian, but first hes got to finish up clone wars. The clone wars pays homage to a controversial last. Disney and lucasfilm just dropped a new tv spot for the four final episodes of the clone wars, the longawaited conclusion to the beloved animated series currently airing final season. Credit to disney and lucasfilm for the clips used from the show star wars the clone wars. The first of 12 new episodes to be released weekly, the bad batch finds clone troopers rex and cody teaming up with an elite squad to solve a troubling mystery. It is set in the fictional star wars galaxy, during the threeyear interim between episode ii attack of the clones and episode iii revenge of the sith the same time period as the previous 2003 clone wars series. It used to air on cartoon network on saturdays at 9. Current episode aired 4 may 2020 victory and death. The fanfavorite animated series, which centers on the. The clone wars trailer reveals first look at the final season. The last 4 episodes were like a different season compared to the rest.

The clone wars delved deeper into the hypocrisy of the jedi. The heartbreaking end is nigh if you thought last week was the clone wars pinnacle, you were wrong. Netflix is also gaining streaming rights to all previous. The war was named after the army of clone troopers used by the republic against the confederacys battle droid army. A sequel trilogy began with episode vii the force awakens 2015, continued with episode viii the last jedi 2017, and concluded with episode ix the rise of skywalker 2019. Order 66 looms large in the background of the final four episodes. The clone wars continues the siege of mandalore story arc and after last weeks excellent episode, the second part of the arc has a lot to live up to. The final episode of the groundbreaking show star wars. Throughout the clone wars, the republics supplies of clone troopers are seemingly endless. The clone wars has been released and fans are both sad and happy. Nearly seven years after the series unexpectedly ended in 20, star wars.

The clone wars season 7, episode 1 the bad batch the time has finally come. The republic plans a daring final strike against wat tambor and. Clone wars episode 12 finale full breakdown and all easter. The clone wars has mostly revolved around episodes that were left unfinished due to disney purchasing lucasfilms back in the early 2010s. Set between the episodes ziro hunt and heroes on both sides, this edit details the final trial.

The new season served as the series final season, and it premiered on february 21, 2020 and concluded the season and the series on may 4, 2020. Were super excited for the longawaited final season of star wars. From dave filoni, director and executive producer of the mandalorian, the new clone wars episodes will continue the storylines introduced in the. The clone wars is finally getting its earned series finale, with the titles and synopses for the final two episodes being. Clone wars on disney plus starting in february 2020. At that time, it was the last episode of the series as a whole. This is the seasons 12th episode, and its called victory and death, a suitably dramatic and finalsounding title.

The clone wars will be available exclusively on netflix in the us and canada starting march 7th. Sacrifice is the thirteenth and final episode of the star wars. The clone wars returning for a seventh and final season is a great indicator of how healthy the animated star wars shows are. Ahsoka and rex must use their wit and skills to survive.

The clone wars last season kicked off with the bad batch arc, four episodes about a group of specialized clone troopers who you call when you need an unconventional approach. The clone wars aired on october 3, 2008, and set a new record with cartoon network as their mostwatched series premiere, attracting 3. After spending time with veteran soldiers of war, domino squad reminded viewers that even clone troopers began as freshfaced recruits oblivious to the. Per, the upcoming episode finds ahsoka reuniting with old. Lucasfilm presents the official sequential order for the beloved animated series, including all 121 shows and the original feature film. Why last nights episode of the clone wars removed a. The clone wars, entitled rookies, domino squad gave audiences a peek at how clones behaved fresh out of the training academy on kamino. Top 5 clone trooper sacrificeslast stands star wars the. The game is the fourth released in the theme of lego star wars.

The clone wars takes place in between the events of star wars. Apr 21, 2020 the star wars legacy of franchise creator george lucas arguably rests more with star wars. The clone wars heres what happened in the last ever. Thankfully it succeeds and delivers another fantastic episode. Clone wars finale just changed revenge of the sith canon in 3. May 01, 2020 each episode of the clone wars will be released around 12. The clone wars just revealed the corruption of the.

Star wars the clone wars chronological episode order list. Final clone wars trailer gives hints of what to expect in. Star wars is an american epic space opera franchise, created by george lucas and centered around a film series that began with the eponymous 1977 movie. Episodes are listed under the number of the season in which they aired, and in the order that they aired within each season. The clone wars season 7 came out on friday, february 21, and the remaining 11 episodes of the series are expected to be released weekly on fridays until may 8, 2020. The clone wars, which was the first weekly tv series from lucasfilm animation, began as a theatrical film which served as the pilot for the series. The beloved star wars cgi animated series got 12 new episodes on disney plus, with the last episode victory and death landing on monday. After more than four years since the sixth season of star wars. That series originally ended at a jolt, with several episodes still inthemaking, and disney.

It was released on march 22, 2011, over a year after its announcement on february 8, 2010. Star wars the clone wars old friends not forgotten breakdown. The entire series, seasons 16, is currently now streaming. Why ahsoka will meet the mando in the last episode of the. The clone wars reveals footage from the final four episodes of the series years after star wars. Especially true considering executive producer dave filoni promised this last arc will overlap with events in star wars.

The revival was announced by the shows supervising director, dave filoni, on july 19, 2018 at san diego comiccon, during a panel commemorating the shows tenth anniversary. In july 2018, lucasfilm announced at san diego comiccon that the clone wars would. Apr 15, 2020 thatll be the series finale, the last episode of star wars. The seventh and final season of the clone wars, which returned from a.

A star wars story 2018, both set between the prequel and original. The clone wars trailer gives some hints about what to expect in the final four episodes of the series. After all, rebels just wrapped up with a very wellreceived. This episode of the clone wars is unique in that it starts with an original lucasfilm logo played over moments of ahsokas theme before spiking to the main star wars fanfare as a blood red logo. The clone wars seventh and final season, bringing the ahsokacentric arc to an end.

The clone wars is a 2008 animated tv series about the clone wars, taking place between star wars. Heres everything coming to disney plus in may 2020. The clone wars finale perfectly tied together every era of star. Each episode has a running time of 22 minutes, filling a halfhour time slot. The clone wars when last we left ahsoka tano, she had been barred from the jedi order under suspicion of sedition and the deadly bombing of a. Stay tuned to see where the 12 new episodes of the final. The clone wars has a season 7 premiere date target. For the best experience please update your browser. Diving through the star wars universe, 1 episode at a time. In between the sequel films, two anthology films were released, rogue one 2016 and solo. The clone wars season 7 release schedule when do new. Revenge of the sith, the beloved animated series added new depth to classic characters like obiwan kenobi, anakin skywalker, darth maul, and boba fett, introduced us to a whole legion of. In victory and death, the final episode in the final season of the series, ahsoka and the newlyaltered commander rex make their last. The clone wars brought the second part of the bad batch story arc from previsualization animatics to a completed version, but fans who watched the unfinished version first quickly realized something.

The 15 essential clone wars episodes and arcs nerdist. The season finale, hostage crisis, was broadcast on march 20, 2009, and the original broadcast received 3. With only four episodes left in the seventh and final season of the hit animated series, star wars. The clone wars chronological episode order, including all 121 episodes and the feature film. Star wars clone wars will air its final episode next month. The clone wars finale is here and with it, this massive breakdown of all things missed. So far, there hasnt been much in the way of answering questions that were still left on the table. Set in the time between star wars episodes ii and iii, the clone wars might have seemed like a way to simply fill up the saturday morning time slot during its inception in 2008.

The film received harsh criticism and many consider it to be the worst star wars theatrical release to date. The conclusion of the clone wars is drawing near and consequently the adventures of ahsoka tano. The clone wars 2219 bby, occasionally referred to as the clone war, the separatist war, or the droid war, was a major, threeyear war between the galactic republic and the confederacy of independent systems. Jedi knights lead the grand army of the republic against the droid army of the separatists. The platforms this game runs on include the nintendo wii, nintendo ds, nintendo 3ds, playstation 3, psp, xbox 360 and. The clone wars executive producer dave filoni discusses the first episodes of the final season, which focus on the unique squad of clone troopers known as the bad batch.

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